Recently recognized as World Heritage, OPorto is the capital of Northern Portugal and also known by the Portuguese people as “Invicta” (unbeatable).
In this tour you will visit the main places of tourist interest of this city and its real architectural treasures that were left by some of the most important historic and cultural events that occurred in Portugal.
You will discover one of the oldest and most charming cities of Portugal. At its historical center you will find the “Igreja de S. Francisco” (church of S. Francisco) - Old Gothic Franciscan Church, and the “Palacio da Bolsa” (Old House of the Stock Market building features in all its splendor traces back to the nineteenth neoclassical).
Before visiting the “Catedral” (Cathedral) - (XII th century), the tiles of the station of S.Benedict will hold your attention (placed in August 1915, the tiles of the station with a total area of 551 m2 are considered the most beautiful tile panels of its kind in Portugal).




Discovering one of the oldest and most charming cities of Portugal


On the way to the Porto wine cellars you will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Oporto and of the Douro river, while crossing the bridge D. Louis I. In the Oporto wine cellars you can visit the place where it is aged (Balseiro Wood) and know the whole process of maturation and production of this internationally appreciated wine.
After lunch in one of Invicta's restaurants, where you can choose either a regional restaurant or a refined restaurant, you will know Aliados Avenue and Street of Santa Catarina (predominantly buildings of the XIX century) where you can do some shopping in its elegant and secular shops and get to know “Torre dos Clérigos”. In this tour you will be able to know one of the great references of contemporary art of our country which is the Serralves Foundation.